We w25472.Kenai3orked together in the Cat Behavior Program of the San Francisco SPCA for many years. Through this work, we acquired many hours of hands-on experience with cats who exhibited behavior concerns. Our responsibilities included temperament testing and evaluating personality of shelter cats, and implementing behavior modification plans.

We consulted with hundreds of concerned cat guardians who were experiencing behavior problems with their pets. We helped numerous clients find the perfect cat for their household through careful matchmaking.

We developed curriculum and presented workshops for the public and volunteers on many different aspects of cat behavior, including environmental enrichment for indoor cats, solving litter box problems, and introducing new pets into the home. Our presentation “A Hiss Is Just a Hiss – or Is It?” at the St. Louis Conference on Homeless Animal Management and Policy (CHAMP) in July 2003 detailed our knowledge of temperament testing and rehabilitating shelter cats.

29279.Pepper Ann.add2.jpgWe produced educational materials for the SF SPCA, including a DVD on basic cat care and behavior (“Whisker Tips“) and handouts on various cat behavior concerns. Dilara and Mikel have served as judges for the Cat Writer’s Association and worked for the Meow Mix TV Game show, assessing cat candidates in San Francisco.

Since founding Feline Minds in 2008, we have helped hundreds of cat guardians solve behavior problems and build stronger relationships with their pets!

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