claw clipping

Photo by Barbara Saunders.

Tough time trimming nails? We can help!!

**Please note that due to demand for this service exceeding our availability, we are not currently accepting new claw clipping clients in San Francisco. If you are in Oakland or Berkeley, get in touch, letting us know your neighborhood, and we’ll get back to you about whether we can fit you into our rotation!**


If your kitty has daggers and you’re having difficulty clipping her claws, let us know!

We will come to your home and quickly, gently and expertly trim your cats nails – and no extra charge for polydactyls!!

No struggling, no trying to get your cat in a carrier, and your kitty will get a mani-pedi!

The charge for in-home claw clipping is
$30 for the first cat
$20 for the second cat
$15 for each additional cat
Refer a neighbor (within one mile) to get $5 off your next claw clip!

We trim nails in San Francisco and the East Bay one Sunday each month (or so)
Call us to find out when our next “claw-clip-athon” is
or watch our home page for dates.


email us or call 510-619-9567