Are you ready to schedule a behavior consultation?


Consultations include:
•an extensive interview
•a tour of the home to assess problem areas
•immediate advice on working with the problem behavior(s)
•demonstrations of recommended behavior modifications
•a written summary of recommendations
•follow up support for up to 3 months following the consultation


Home consult: $250
Home consult packages:
(recommended for households with multiple behavior issues, or when addressing inter-cat aggression):

  • $450/2 home visits
  • $550/3 home visits

There is a travel fee for areas outside of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and Richmond.
Travel fees are assessed on a case-by-case basis, based on distance/travel time. Contact us for more information.

Phone consult: $150 for the first hour, then $25/each additional quarter hour

Please note that we may require a veterinary exam before we will schedule a behavior consultation, especially in the case of litterbox avoidance and sudden-onset aggression.

Download our questionnaire here: word document or PDF
You can return the questionnaire to us at or fax it to 510-619-9567.
Once we receive your questionnaire, we will contact you ASAP to schedule an appointment.